Banana Oat Cookies

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Have you ever prepared for or anticipated something for so long that in the end, nothing can do it justice?

That’s kind of how I feel about this first blog post.

I’ve been planning IT, the BLOG, for an embarrassingly long time. Like 2 years.  Or 3, I can’t remember.  Part of my hold-up was that I know less about computers and on-line stuff than my 13-year-old daughter.  And part of it is that once you put yourself out there, you’re out there… vulnerable!  But then I reminded myselfthat probably only my aunts and 5 other people would actually read my first post, and that made me feel better enough to write it.

I resisted the urge to email all my favorite bloggers and ask them what their first post was about… then lo and behold, Alexis Joseph of Hummusapien referred to her very first post in a recent recipe update of Avocado Black Bean Burgers (yum, by the way!)  Amazing!  Wonderful! Just what I was looking for!

… Then I STILL had no idea what would be “good enough” for my own first post…  so I procrastinated 3 more weeks, telling myself I needed to “set some more things up.”  Do we all do that?  Wait until things are “perfect” or the timing is “right” or we “have our lives in order” before we start something we really want to do?  Like eat better… or sign up for a 10K… or write that first blog post!!  Sometimes we just need a good kick in the pants, even if we think the stars are not aligned.  Go ahead and start eating better, even if it’s not Monday.  Go ahead and start training for that 10K, even if you can barely make it around the block today.

Go ahead and write the first blog post, even if my email address WILL. NOT. SHOW UP. AS A LINK. on my Contact Me page.

So today I’m just gonna take that first step, by getting out there and sharing a very simple recipe that has become a staple snack in my household.  It occurred to me that this recipe is really almost too simple to post, but one of the reasons I love it is because it’s simple… and knock-down-dead delicious.  Perfect for starting out!

It’s also perfect because it’s summer here in Philippines, so when you buy bananas, you inevitably have one or seven that go brown before you can eat them.  You could always make banana bread, but if your kitchen is already 40 degrees C (100F), who wants the oven on for an hour?


Not me.

Hence the birth of Banana Oat Cookies.  I admit it is sort of a stretch to call them cookies, because they contain no butter, eggs, sugar, or flour.  But they are round and chewy and sweet, so the name works for me.  Whoa… wait a minute… I just said they contain no butter, eggs, sugar, or flour!!  What is in these cookie impostors??  Basically you can look at the title and see what’s in them: bananas and oats, with maybe 3 other ingredients to pop the flavor a bit.

These little dudes are fast to make, delicious, and as I said before, a staple in my house.  I eat them plain, with almond butter smeared on top, with apple slices on the side, for breakfastlunchsnackdessert, pre-workout, post-workout… or anytime I’m craving something sweet, chewy, hearty, grainy, and filling… which is often.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with these cookies!  It’s like eating a bowl of oatmeal with banana.

Only more cookie-like.

And not as hot.

Which is a relief when it’s 32 C (90 F) outside at 8am.


They are also very forgiving of “mistakes” and very accepting of additional ingredients.  You wanna add toasted pecans? Be my guest!  A handful of chocolate chips?  The more the better!!  Dried cranberries?  Yes, please!  I’ve made them with all of the above plus chia seeds, which makes them possibly even more loveable.  Oh, that we may all be so flexible and accommodating!


But what really attracts me about these guys is that you can easily wrap your mind around making them, even if you’re not really in the mood.  I should time myself whipping them up, because I really think I could do it (baking time not included) in about 47 seconds.  But then, I am fast in the kitchen…

So, here is the recipe.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think.  Here’s to being out there!




58 thoughts on “Banana Oat Cookies”

  1. Sarah Beuerle

    I love the first post and that is one of my favorite recipes I have gotten from you! Congrats on putting yourself out there :)!!

  2. Michelle Wallace

    Congratulations! This is fantastic! Wish I was just down the street from you to help you celebrate

    1. Michelle, I wish for that ALL.THE.TIME!!! You have always been such an inspiration to me and believed in my ability to do this, a cookbook, whatever. Thank you!!! xoxo

  3. First, well done!
    Second, luv the photos. Did you take them?
    Third, what can I replace the coconut with?
    Fourth, when is your next blog?

    1. Thanks, Leigh, it’s so fun!! Yup, I did the photos, huge learning curve on this one. You can leave the coconut out, it’s no big deal. Next blog will be this weekend hopefully! 🙂

  4. Yay!! Finally your blog is out. Love love love this recipe. It’s one of my faves. So proud of you Rebecca.:))))

  5. Don’t forget about your cousins too! Congrats on your new blog. 🙂 I’ll have to make those yummy cookies for K & C

  6. I just moved to Manila and so I’m eager to hear more of your recipes. I keep making banana bread because, like you said, there’s always some that you don’t eat before they turn brown. Now I’m going to make these cookies next. Thank you!

    1. Welcome to Manila, Christine! Now you have another option for those brown bananas… 🙂 Faster too and your kitchen won’t be even hotter, ha ha. They make such great snacks and even a healthy & quick breakfast. Enjoy!

  7. I can’t wait to see more posts & recipes. I’m all about the foods you’ve been listing in your classes so I hope that you post recipes & share on fb. You’ve always been an inspiration cooking-wise & more for me. I just can’t wait to read more! Hurray for this blog!!! oxoxo

    1. Thanks for your sweet words, Lisa!! I’m so excited for this blog, it’s been a long time in the process. I am definitely gonna fill it up with healthy recipes- and workouts too! 🙂 xoxo

  8. Very nice job, Rebecca!! Congrats!! Long time I didn’t make this recipe, so you inspired me to do it today. I also added dried cranberries and walnuts;-)). Much love…

    1. Thanks, Sharka!! I’m so excited to finally have the blog, it’s been a long time coming. Yup, I very often add dried cranberries and walnuts to mine too! But then the kids don’t eat them as much… ha ha (gotta put chocolate chips for that!) love to you too… xoxo

  9. Hey Rebecca. This looks fabulous. But my husband hates coconut. Is there something else that could be substituted for the coconut?

    1. Thanks, May!! You actually don’t taste the coconut and would probably never know it’s in there. However, you can leave it out with no consequences. But it is important to use the unsweetened coconut… otherwise you will get that coconut taste. 🙂 Enjoy!

    1. Cecilia, thank you SO much for sharing this on your fb page and pintrest board! Really appreciate it! Yup, this is definitely an easy recipe and the kids love to make it- and eat it- especially if you throw some chocolate chips in there 🙂 Stay tuned, there is more coming!

  10. hi Rebecca, so glad you started your blog and really looking forward to try your Yummy recipes! Congrats! Cheers Claudia

  11. Michelle (Keil) Hopkins

    Rebecca! I have missed you for years!! I will be following you and giving your blog to my buddies!! You have a gift, and I’m happy you are sharing it with the world! xoxoxo

    1. Michelle!!! I think of you SO often and hope you are well. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support, it means so much to me!! Love & hugs to you… 🙂

  12. Awesome! I can’t wait to try these! I hope you don’t feel any pressure when writing future posts because I can’t wait to read LOTS more!

    1. Chryssa, I have about 18 posts waiting in my head… just need to get the ingredients and spend 36 hours straight in my kitchen!! ha ha Seriously though, I am SO excited about sharing more, so stay tuned! Have a wonderful summer 🙂

  13. YEA REBECCA!!!! Congratulations on doing this blog & putting yourself out there!! Marlee will be able to follow you now and keep going on what you have built with her wherever she is 🙂 I think she would like these “cookies” with chocolate chips added of course!

    1. Dana, thank you!!! I’m so excited to share more… I told Marlee she better follow me and post nice comments on all my healthy food, ha ha! Yup she would definitely like these with chocolate chips! Xo

    1. Brian, I almost felt guilty about posting a recipe so simple… but it works for so many reasons. Stay tuned, you will love what’s coming up next. Thanks for following! 🙂

  14. Tracey Bond Corbett

    Great Rebecca! Love your style. Bananas going brown fast in Singapore too. James has been asking for them so no excuses now. We miss you!

    1. Thanks, Tracey!! I miss you all so much too! Tell James hi for me- actually tell him to follow the blog! 😉 Hope you are all well, I think of you so often. xoxo

  15. Rebecca,
    How wonderful for you to have a blog! Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    We miss you and your very helpful advice and wisdom. We will look forward to future posts!

    1. Hi Eileen, thank you so much! I miss you and Mike as well, and think of you both so often. Please keep following me (I promise to have email notifications SOON!) for more healthy recipes and fun workouts. 🙂 Take care, both!! xo

  16. We have a tiny oven, so I made these into bars and baked for about 30 minutes. Delicious! I also added raisins . . . mmmmm

    1. Darlene, perfect! I had a tiny oven for years (I called it my “mini-bake” oven…) that wouldn’t fit any of my cookie sheets… so I often baked in my smaller 7×11 glass dish. So you made a wonderful adjustment! 🙂 Raisins, yum! I often add dried cranberries too. Thanks for commenting!

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