GF Quinoa Cranberry Breakfast Bread

Hello friends! This naturally gluten-free quinoa cranberry breakfast bread is packed with flavour and goodness… and delicious any time of day, not just for breakfast.  Really, breakfast is just your starting point with this chewy, not-too-sweet loaf. Studded with sweet-tart dried cranberries & scented with orange peel, it’s perfect with a drizzle of honey or a big swipe of almond butter- or both!  It’s hearty enough for a meal and a source of complete protein from the quinoa, seeds, and nut butter. What better way to fuel yourself through the day?…

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The Real Scoop on Getting (& Being!) Super-Lean

Hello friends! I’ve been wanting to write this post for such a long time now, but to be honest, haven’t had the energy.

I’m now 2 weeks out from my second-ever bodybuilding show, and my prep has gone completely according to schedule. I’ve lost about 13-14 pounds since May, and getting verrrry close to my stage weight.  I cannot WAIT to present my physique at the IFBB Muscle Contest Philippines on Sept 8. It will be a big international show and I’m both excited and nervous….

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What I Ate (& did!) in France

Howdy friends!  Or I guess I should say, “Bonjour!”

I’m just back from the trip of a lifetime… celebrating Mark’s & my 20-year anniversary!!!  Twenty years of marriage is something pretty special no matter how you look at it, and being away together to celebrate in Paris and the Loire Valley was truly amazing.

This trip couldn’t have come at a better time… just 3 weeks after my first bodybuilding competition and the structure and discipline that accompanied it.  I was so ready to ditch the weight scale and the food scale while I was away and just eat according to my heart’s desire.  And I did….

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Why I Stopped Weighing Myself

I haven’t weighed myself for 42 days.

This means I’ve missed about 150-200 weigh-ins.  Friends, you think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

I’m a board-certified, Master’s-degree holding nutrition professional.  I’ve spent 7 years in full-time nutrition education and I could spell out for you the metabolic pathways of protein synthesis and lipogenesis (but I like you, so I won’t.)  But all this head knowledge does not spare my heart and mind from the pressures that living in this world of social media and perfectionism and yes, even the pressures that being a nutrition and fitness professional bring.  It can make the mind crazy and obsessed with the number on the scale. Gotta keep up the look, man!

I think I’m not alone in this……

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What I Ate Tuesday

Sometimes people are shocked by how much I eat.

I’m not a large person.  By Western standards anyway.  Of course by Filipino standards I’m still an XL, but I just can’t let that get to me…

I’ve been posting regularly “What I Ate Wednesday,” and Wednesdays (along with Mondays and Fridays) are heavy training days for me… about 6 hours of my weekly workouts occur on these days, what with the bootcamp classes, high-intensity cardio, and often, tennis with my son.  So yes, I’m hungry!!

But here’s the thing: everyone has their own individual calorie needs, based on their body’s metabolism.  Several factors play into metabolism: height, weight, age, gender, body fat percentage (and therefore muscle mass), and activity level.  (Actually, how much and how often you eat also plays into it, though that’s a subject for another post.)  Although I’m not a large person, I’m active and have a lot of muscle relative to my size.  So even though I’m 45 years old, and a woman, my calorie needs are high.  How high?  Well, I don’t know the exact number.  I don’t count calories.  But I must be eating the right amount for me, because I maintain my weight and enjoy a high energy level.

But just so you can see what happens to my food intake on my “non-heavy” training days, I thought I’d let you see “What I Ate Tuesday”…  here you go:…

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