Raspberry Papaya Smoothie

Hello friends! This raspberry papaya smoothie is one of the many recipes I’ve enjoyed during my contest prep that meets all my diet specs while still being decadent enough to qualify as a “treat.”

Even before I started training for my fitness competition (now only 11 days away!!!), I was never an Oreo & Pop-Tart kind of girl.  So I didn’t really have to change my diet that much when I started “the program,” mostly added protein and decreased simple sugars and alcohol.  But now, this close to showtime, I’m very careful that all my foods contribute something positive to my daily intake, and just look what this beauty provides:…

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What I Ate Wednesday

Hello friends! The week that started slowly in bed with a cough & cold is ramping up and racing to the finish line with hosting 3 middle school kids from abroad for a band festival this weekend.  And more kids= more food, am I right??  I’ll have 6 kids in my house for 5 days… and be cooking up a storm!  I love everything about having lots of kiddos around my table.

Pineapple zucchini oats, blueberry beet smoothie

I pretty much always have…

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Chargrilled French Beans with Chili & Garlic

Chargrilled French Beans with Chili & Garlic

Finally: a recipe that makes it easy to follow our Momma’s advice about vegetables.  These chargrilled French beans with chili & garlic take plain ol’ green beans to a whole notha’ level.

She is right, you know… about veggies.  The more the better!!  Veggies are low in calories, high in fiber, filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, etc, etc, etc… ALL VEGGIES ARE SUPERFOODS!!!  So why is it that they typically get the last thought at mealtime… and the smallest corner of our plates??…

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Brownies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Brownies

Sometimes you stumble upon a beautiful thing… sometimes you make it happen… and sometimes, it’s a combination of the two.

Yesterday I held a workshop with my dear friend Ana.  It started out to be a seminar with the basic idea of “how to maintain your health while running your small business at the same time,” and evolved into the visionary realm of empowering expat women to find clarity & purpose in their lives beyond the end of their husband’s next work assignment….

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What I Ate Wednesday

Dragonfruit & broccoli leaf smoothie

It started out just like any other day…

WAIT!!!  NO IT DIDN’T!!! Because I didn’t have a green smoothie OR a banana oat cookie!!!  Hold the phone… first my recipe thingamajig is having problems, and then I didn’t have my beloved tried-and-true-breakfast.  Well, if the world is turning upside down, I might as well branch out with my breakfast, hey?…

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What I Ate Before I Left for Ireland

Yes, you read that right… I’m going to IRELAND!!!  And I’m a little bit excited about it!

My sweet Sara and I are going to join my family there to remember and celebrate the life of my cousin, Adam, who was an amazing young man who spread joy wherever he went.  He walked through life with a genuine smile, a listening ear, and an inclusive way about him that just made you feel better after being with him.  I miss him.  It’s just right to celebrate such a beautiful, spirited man in a beautiful, spirited country like Ireland.  It’s what he wanted, and who are we to disagree?

Beet apple turmeric smoothie

So I departed from my usual green smoothie to this… …

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What I Ate at The Farm

Flower arrangement at The Farm

You wouldn’t think a 95% vegan would come away from a 24-hour stay at The Farm feeling so refreshed, rejuvenated, and revitalised as I did… but I did!! The Farm at San Benito is a spa resort about an hour and a half south of Manila, and their mantra is “Nurture Yourself from Within.”  They specialise in world class spa treatments… and their restaurant serves vegan food, most of which is grown in their own organic gardens.  Mark and I spent the weekend there to celebrate our anniversary.

Veggie Spring Rolls with almond sauce

We were surrounded by beauty & tranquility our entire stay, and the beautiful food only enhanced our experience.  After check-in, we enjoyed a gorgeous lunch in their open-air restaurant.  We shared an appetiser of fresh spring rolls…

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What I Ate (and did!) in Austin

Fish tacos

Howdy, y’all!  I’m in Texas, so this greeting just comes naturally.  I’ve been away from the blog for awhile, because we’ve  been visiting friends and family, and I have to say, my baby nephew is so completely adorable and charming that I haven’t sat down at my computer one single time.  And I’m not even sorry!  Babies grow up too fast…  …

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Confessions of a Dietitian Momma

Some of you may be under the balmy impression that because I’m a dietitian, my children also tow the line of embrace the near-vegan, low-sugar, no-processed-foods diet that characterizes my lifestyle.  So let me describe a conversation that occurred at my dinner table a few nights ago…

Kids: “Oh I remember string cheese as such a childhood food…”

“And Cheerios out of those little wooden bowls…”

“I know, those bowls were so cute.  And remember ‘Go-Gurt’?”

Me: “Wait… WHAT??!  ‘Go-Gurt’???  Tell me when I ever bought you guys ‘Go-Gurt.'”

Kids: “You used to buy it for us all the time, Momma.  You know, in those little tubes?  We would freeze it and then suck it out as it thawed.  It was so fun.”

Me: “Maybe that was before my health revolution.”

Kids: “Obviously.”

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What I Ate Wednesday

It’s been 90-to-nothin’ for 8 straight days now…

All in a good way though!  And today was no exception.

Morning coffee

But my morning routine doesn’t vary no matter how busy I am- I rely on it to keep me peaceful and walking on solid ground.  If I don’t start my day with prayer and Bible reading, it just doesn’t go right from there.  So I always do…

Banana oat cookie with almond butter, fruit

Even though the kids get to sleep in on Wednesdays, I still get up early, partly to have more quiet time, and partly to eat Breakfast #1 before bootcamp.  Today it was a banana oat cookie with almond butter and a couple slices of fruit.

Green smoothie

And the green smoothie, always a smoothie.  I would definitely say I’m addicted!…

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