No-Bake Peanut Butter Oat Squares with Chocolate Glaze

No-bake peanut butter oat squares

Everybody hold onto your hats… I’M GIVING YOU TWO DESSERTS IN A ROW!!!

What is this world coming to???

If you take a look at my Recipe Index, you can clearly see that I’m due to give you either a salad or a soup next.  Those poor slots have only one lonely post each… oh, the woes of a baby blog!  But sometimes dessert just happens to happen at my house- and that’s never a bad thing.

No-bake peanut butter oat squares

My friend Emilie described this recipe to me while we sprinted around the block during bootcamp one morning, and in my acute oxygen deprivation, I didn’t note the details.  But it sounded fabulous- and healthy!  When I began to make it, I couldn’t recall the exact ingredients (honey, no honey?), nor the proportions (a whole jar of peanut butter??)  Yet I forged ahead anyway, knowing that she would rescue me from any peanut butter square emergency.  I think I might have made the recipe a bit differently than Emilie does, but the end result was the same: rich, perfectly salty/sweet, glazed with dark chocolate… and dangerously delicious….

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