What I Ate on the HMS Victory

Hello from jolly ol’ England!!

I’m here with Mark for a family reunion on his Burmese side of the family.

Mark’s uncle Myoma Lwin served as commanding officer of the RML (Rescue Motor Launch) 526 Fairmile B in World War 2 in the British Royal Navy.  He took command at the tender age of 19!  I barely took command of my college courses at the age of 19, much less a rescue boat saving  thousands of lives during the war… so I am duly impressed at his leadership and personal fortitude… and proud to be part of this family.

This rescue boat is now being restored as a fund-raising vessel to support young veterans of today’s wars.  To raise funds for her restoration, a charity gala dinner was hosted aboard the HMS Victory by The First Sea Lord Admiral Sir George Zambellas, and Mark’s uncle was the guest of honour.

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