Curried Pumpkin Soup

Curried pumpkin soup

Our weather took a turn to the cool(er) side a couple of days ago!

In Philippines that means it didn’t get above 93 F (34C) during the day, and down to about 75 F (24C) at night.  This is as close as we’re gonna get to autumn, folks.  Sometimes I create my own little fall/winter in my home office by blasting the air-conditioner and pulling on a sweater, but please, let that be our little secret…

So it was a cloudy and reasonably low-humidity day.  I looked out my window and imagined it was that really cool, crisp, almost biting fall weather that would beckon me outside to wade through the fallen leaves and pick apples and pull a  cozy scarf around my neck to keep the chill off.

And then I turned the air-conditioner off, ditched my sweater, and went downstairs to make this curried pumpkin soup….

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