Chocolate Chia Champorado

Add dried cranberries, chopped almonds, and unsweetened coconut for toppings!

Do you ever feel behind the 8-ball?

Now that I have a teenager and 2 other middle schoolers in my house, I do… on a daily basis.  Up until about a year ago, I thought I was pretty cool and up-to-date.  Now, I find out that “cool” isn’t even a cool word!  “Nobody uses that anymore!,” states a member of my household in the “under-15” age category, unable to bring herself to say the word.  I finally caught onto “EPIC!”… only to be informed last week that it is also OUT.  I was not, however, informed of the cooler, more-epic replacement word… because, you know, I might use it in front of her friends.

But I’ll tell you, I feel even more “behind” in my blog than I do with my teenagers.  I knew I was late to the game, but oh, I cannot catch UP!  Every cool and epic new food that I’ve been experimenting with and want to post, I find has already been posted 185 times per week for the last 6 months.  Just check Pintrest!  At least I am on Pintrest…

I could let myself be discouraged by this, but I’m not that type.  I also have a the unique situation of living in a Southeast Asian country, with its own traditional foods and delicacies, combined with my culinary curiosity and professional tendency to “health-ify” whenever I can.

Enter champorado.

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