Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola

This easy,  yummy (and healthier!) granola will put you back on top of holiday preps no matter where you currently are…

Howdy friends! How did it get to be the middle of December already?! I always have the best of intentions right after Thanksgiving… to not be behind for once on my holiday preparations. Yet somehow by the last week of school, I find myself  stuck somewhere between “Deck the Halls” (not quite done but may be as done as it’s gonna get) and “making the list and checking it twice (I guess I need to actually make the list before I can check it??)…

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No-Bake Chewy Granola Bars

Friends, these quick and healthy no-bake granola bars are your answer to all things “back-to-school” related:

Woke up late and no time for breakfast? No-bake chewy granola bar…

Need a portable snack for your kid’s lunchbox? No-bake chewy granola bar…

Missed the bus, forgot about the PTA meeting (by the way, you are the new PTA president!), called your kid’s teacher by the wrong name… well, these here little granola bars may not solve all your problems, but they sure will keep you from losing it completely due to being hungry!…

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Cranberry Maple Nut Granola

Cranberry maple nut granola

Something about getting back home to my kiddos after 6 days away from them made me wanna get in the kitchen.

This is always a good thing.

I mean, if they were little and I could spend all their waking hours with them to show how much I missed them, I would.  But hey, somebody has to go to school!  For 10 hours a day!  That means somebody else has to stay home and make yummy food to let the other somebodies know how much she missed them and she never never never wants to be away from them again.

Enter homemade granola….

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